Personnel Supervisor
1 people salary: 10-15k

Job requirements:

1. Age 28-42 years old, college degree or above;

2. More than three years working experience in the same position, familiar with the six modules of human resources, familiar with labor law and government process;

3. Good communication, coordination, organization and execution skills;

4. Familiar with ISO9001, ISO14001 quality and environmental management system; Familiar with 7S management;

5. With good professional quality, fluent writing, good at corporate culture construction.

Graphic Artist Designer
3 people salary : 8-10k

Job requirements:

1. Aged 28-40, more than three years of working experience, college degree or above, major in advertising communication, art design and other related majors;

2. Active thinking, strong innovation and aesthetic ability, and pursuit of design;

3. Proficient in Photoshop, illustrator, industry design, CorelDRAW, CAD and other design software;

4. Familiar with packaging and printing process and various post-processing links, experience in wired platform design and scene map design;

5. Familiar with picture creative composition, strong creative design thinking ability;

6. Experience in video and picture shooting and post editing and processing

7. Work in an orderly and meticulous manner.

Sales Representative
1 people salary: 10-15k

Job requirements:

1. Aged 26-38, college degree or above, outgoing, strong business negotiation ability;

2. Be able to develop customers independently, have certain market analysis and judgment ability and experience in maintaining old customers;

3. Strong business negotiation skills, communication and coordination, teamwork, execution and pressure resistance.

4. Experience in Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth audio, 3C, mold, injection molding and other electronic components industry is preferred

Foreign trade sales
2people ; salary: 10-15k

Job requirements:

1. Major in Business English or foreign trade, college degree or above, English CET-4 or above;

2. Good oral and written expression skills, lively and cheerful personality, good at communication and communication;

3. Strong sense of responsibility and initiative, high work enthusiasm;

4. Have enterprising spirit, dare to challenge, be good at using the foreign trade network platform to find foreign customers, and can quickly develop the international market;

5. Willing to work as a team, respect and learn from each other, and have feelings;

6. More than 1 year working experience, sales experience.

Perfect welfare system
I.e. buy five insurances, marriage leave, maternity leave, legal holidays and paid annual leave; Parking spaces are provided free of charge, and electric vehicle charging piles are provided in the industrial park
Generous bonus and salary Year end bonus, annual salary adjustment, short-term promotion, pay and effort will pay off
Colorful amateur life Regular morning meetings, birthday parties, volunteer activities, love activities, group construction, etc. are colorful; The company has beautiful environment, warm and relaxed atmosphere, super nice environment and working partners,
Complete entertainment facilities Karaoke room, library, billiards, etc. youth can bloom freely