Bf-120 won the 2019 "golden ear choice" certification

2020-07-03 00:00

Golden ear selection certification 2019 "golden ear selection" certification awards hosted by China electronic audio industry association and undertaken by global resources attended the award ceremony in hall 1 of Hong Kong Asian Expo on October 18, 2019.

   Among them, YZL's convenient Bluetooth audio bf-120 product has passed the evaluation and certification of "golden ear selection"

   The "golden ear selection" certification certificate passes the high professional evaluation, including objective detection and subjective evaluation.

    The objective detection part requires the enterprise to provide the product detection report, which mainly involves specific indicators such as total harmonic distortion plus noise, noise sound level, rated sound frequency response range, amplitude frequency response difference and so on; Subjective evaluation is mainly conducted from the aspects of high frequency, medium frequency, low frequency, three frequency balance, sound field and separation. It can be seen that the "golden ear selection" certification certificate has the authority and promotion value recognized by the industry in the industry.

    Both the sound quality and consumers praise the bf-120 Bluetooth audio. At the same time, we also invite partners who like this stereo to come to Burke company for personal experience and experience.

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